How is KCT Organized?

Kings Counsel & Trust (KCT) is simply a family. While a “family” is most certainly not a legal entity, it is an important economic unit. The family is sometimes required to retain the services of certain providers to support the needs of the family business, when such expertise, gifts and talents are not present in the family.

But what exactly is a family?

  • Community (Koinonia) is who and what we do; and
  • Divine Economy (Oikonomia) is how, when, where, and why we do it.

What is the Protocol for KCT?

Among several conditions, there are 4 critical constraints (check-points … not legalism or religion) that must be acknowledged in order to be considered for membership:

  1. All people are present because they willingly choose to be … they are effectively volunteers;
  2. The organization of the symbiotic functions of gifts and talents (of the spirit), including service providers, are for the sole-purpose of the family to support the God-given vision and mission of the members;
  3. That all money, material goods and possessions used in supporting the mission have been donated; and
  4. That the use of the foregoing money, materials and possessions, must not be encumbered in the process of any earned income strategies.

What is the Mission of KCT?

To serve and support the mission of leaders charged with proclaiming the Good News and bringing their God-given vision to the world.

Who does KCT Serve and Support?

Back in the day, they were sent out as captains on ships charting new territory. Today they are the leaders of social-enterprise vessels serving people and solving problems in such a way ... to change the world.

What are the Standards for Admission?

Admission decisions are based on the totality of available information about each applicant, and a careful evaluation of the candidate’s story, what you believe, and where you’re going. We have no substitutes for careful consideration of each applicant. A relationship of integrity is the medium of exchange in our marketplace.

  1. Application: Complete the KCT Application detailing how you meet the qualifications of admissions, and your desired impact in your community where you worship, live, work, and play. Your detailed application is the “first impression” that we will be sharing with the Admissions Counsel. No other guidelines will be offered at this time. We will respond to all parties confirming receipt, and our decision of your candidacy for interview on the basis of first come, first serve.
  2. Recommendation: Recommendations should come from a KCT Family-Member who has had an opportunity to evaluate you carefully and individually over a sufficient period of time. Your application will be treated as complete with your letter of recommendation from a good-standing KCT Family-Member. We strongly encourage that the KCT Family Alumni making your introduction supports you during your application and orientation process.
  3. Conversation: During the application review process you will be invited to several heart-to-heart conversations. These conversations will happen throughout the admissions cycle. The Admissions Counsel will contact you directly to setup a conference call. Conversations are conducted using the KCT Bridge Line or Skype – a video-conferencing system. As always, we will accommodate individuals who may be unable to conduct such conversation in this manner. In the event that a face-to-face conversation is possible, we will do our best to accommodate such discussion.

What is the KCT Process & Blueprint?

The KCT Process is all about connecting applicants with the people, projects, and causes that engage your heart. For some, connected generosity comes naturally. For others who may have lived “by default” for too long, a strategic process can make things easier.

Our assessments include many factors such as servant-leadership experience, and also intangible qualities such as compassion-in-action. Our admissions counsel seeks to identify and recognize characteristics that are important to how you steward your renewable generosity currencies (i.e. spiritual, social, relational, technological, and financial).

The KCT Blueprint guides applicants in the discovery, at your own pace, how to live on mission in community; to live a life of complete freedom and joy, as you devote more energy to your strategic-philanthropy, and generosity. Each person’s situation is different, but there are common steps that everyone should take to do more good and get more satisfaction from a lifestyle of giving and sharing.

What are the possible outcomes of Membership?

The outcomes you can look forward to are multi-dimensional:

  • spiritually
  • socially
  • psychologically
  • physiologically

You will enjoy deeper and more meaningful relationships, more gratifying acts of service, and more effective giving with quantitative and qualitative impact … a legacy of an honorable heritage to pass along to your children’s children as a role-model worthy of honor and praise to live up to. 

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