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About Us

Kings Counsel & Trust LLC (KCT) is the managing trustee of the single family office, Kings Counsel & Trust Family Office, (KCTFO) designed specifically to serve and enhance the relationships of the Kingdom Family of Faith. To optimize the probability of long-term success (sustainability) KCT uses a proprietary iMap (i AM a process) alignment solution, a three-fold impact assessment process based on:

  • relationship skills
  • values and beliefs
  • life experience

to better connect equally-yoked relationships and strategic philanthropy opportunities.

KCTFO hosts a virtual peer to peer, social enterprise community, better known as Kings Counsel. Launched in 2006, the connectivity of KCT relationships spans more than 50 countries, hundreds of registered users, and a privileged list of vetted opportunities with disruptive technologies that could potentially impact the lives of billions!  


King Counsel & Trust (KCT) specializes in bringing the right people together for a common objective; that is to walk out God's will on earth as it is in heaven. This offer is not for everyone; after much research, we have found tools and assessments to help us discern WHO and WHAT to accomplish IT. In short, we are looking for compatibility. 

What if it were possible to define the traits of people overseeing corporations as leading indicators of those most likely to have long-lasting impact and social significance in the global marketplace? Could certain characteristics predict compatibility and lead to more satisfying relationships and opportunities with long-term success and significance? 

We set out to identify characteristics between leaders that were consistently associated with the most successful relationships.  Our conclusions confirmed the key dimensions of leadership that predicted compatibility and the potential for long-term relationship success with random assessment results within a variance of +/-5% of the mean. The answer cannot be found in the corporation … only in the man.

The proprietary iMap alignment solution provides a guided journey for anyone willing to be matched with compatible relationships and opportunities with whom they are more likely to enjoy a long-term relationship in the marketplace.  Such a journey of passionate pursuit offers the potential of truly setting you free beyond your most wild imagination, not to mention finding your true purpose in life.  For which causes would you volunteer your time and talents?  What would you do if you lived debt free?  Where would you live?  With whom would you work alongside? 

The KCT Family of Faith exists worldwide for which there are no economic or jurisdictional boundaries to such an I.D.E.A. (instruction, demonstration, experience, assessment) that has the potential to impact every living human being through the fundamental need to find and experience genuine, unadulterated LOVE.  For when you truly touch the heart of a man, he willingly gives all he has, all he is, all he is connected to with his last dying breath, not for himself, but for the sake of his children’s children.  A man afater God's own heart seeks to find his divine purpose worth dying for. The KCT Family Office remains committed to investigating and understanding what makes long-term relationships successful by conducting ongoing, rigorous research to keep the matching model up-to-date and relevant for domestic and international markets. 

In addition to the iMap matching solution, KCTFO underwrites a global relationship fellowship, Kings Counsel, and hosts a cloud-based forum, the KCTFO Social Exchange for KCT Family Members to collaborate and share like-kind resources worldwide for both personal and professional matters.

What We Believe – Our Statement of Faith

The following is a brief summary of the management’s doctrinal core beliefs of the Kings Counsel & Trust Family.  It is not intended to be an exhaustive systematic theology but a framework by which we can mutually agree upon.

  1. About the Bible:  We believe that the Bible as originally written, is the inspired, infallible, and inerrant Word of God and the supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.
  2. About God (YHWY):  We believe that there is one and only one living and true Yahwey (YHWY); that He eternally exists in three unique persons: as a Father, a Son, and a Holy Spirit; that all three are eternally equal in nature, attributes and perfection as the Family of Faith.
  3. About Jesus (Yeshuah):  We believe Yeshuah (Jesus) was conceived of the Holy Spirit by a virgin, Mary, lived a physical life on this earth, and being fully God and fully man, was without sin.
  4. About Salvation:  We believe that all mankind sins (misses the mark) and as such, no one has the ability to save themselves by doing good deeds or by being a ‘good person’ any more than a person cannot solve a given problem with the same mind that created it.  It is only through accepting Jesus, the Christ as one’s personal Savior, and Lord, that one can receive the graceful invitation of eternal life.  Salvation is available to anyone, who by their own words and acknowledging by faith that Yeshuah HaMoshiach (Jesus, the Christ) died on the cross for their sins, rose bodily from the grave, and surrenders their life to Him, asking His forgiveness of their sins and to save their soul.
  5. About Eternity:  We believe that all of mankind will either spend eternity in Heaven (with God) or a real and literal Hell (without God).
  6. About Ministry:  We believe that, as followers of Yeshuah HaMoshiach, it is a responsibility, a duty and a joy to spread the Word of God; the Gospel of the Kingdom; “the Good News” to all who will listen.


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