How We Work With Projects

Step 1

See how we define Strategic Philanthropy and review our Cover Letter Guidelines to get a sense of the first impression you would like to make to avoid coming across as a solicitation of securities (i.e. it’s not venture capital/for-profit or charity/non-profit, but rather a hybrid of both).

Step 2

Contained in following are the self-serve resources, sequence and procedures we recommend to get you off to solid start:
Executive Summary Guidelines & Templates: In this hyperlinked folder, please download the files, KCT Template - Executive Summary and KCT Form - Exec Summary - Project Impact Template. From your business plan document set, cut and paste the appropriate information accordingly (for example, you will need the contents of the EXCEL spreadsheet to put into the Word document).

Note: In our experience, if you have all the necessary contents handy, this assignment should take just a few hours.

Step 3

In the Step One of Five resource folder of our comprehensive iMap Impact Assessment Process, you should download the Executive Summary Assessment. Use this interactive spreadsheet against your completed project Executive Summary to determine how well you quantitatively and qualitatively answered the questions. How well did you do? In our experience, projects do not attract the necessary resources for sustainable momentum until and unless their qualitative scores rise above 85%. To raise your score, simply provide the answer in the affirmative and be prepared to substantiate if, or when, someone asks for it.

Important Note: If you find yourself asking “what …” or “how …” for something, shift your thinking instead to asking for the “who” that already has the what and/or how, and add them on your team.


The link in this paragraph will lead you to a finished example of what we are looking for. PanAfrican Food Exchange

And how does what you’re doing fit into the larger picture? When all project components come together into one (a combined CLUT opportunity … more on the other parts later) the combined trust fund looks like this: Joshua Trust Series Fact Sheet.


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